DVD: America's Heartland Individual Episodes Season 9

DVD: America's Heartland Individual Episodes Season 9
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America’s Heartland is a weekly public television series, which celebrates the miracle of our nation’s agriculture. Profiling the people, places, and processes of agriculture, the series taps into – and strengthens – the ties that bind us all together: the love of our land and the respect for the people who live on and from it, a national fascination with food, curiosity about unfamiliar places and ways of life, and the bedrock American values of family, hard work and the spirit of independence.

Our nation’s agriculture is a truly miraculous enterprise, a place where only 2% of the population feeds, clothes, and fuels the other 98%, along with millions more worldwide. Farmers and ranchers of all stripes contribute mightily to our quality of life, and as a result, American consumers spend less to feed themselves than any other country in the world. Our nation’s very roots are in agrarian culture, and over time we’ve lost the connection between our food and those who produce it.

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